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“I had three sessions of sports massage with Sara. I am very happy with her treatments

as they relieved my pain in my shoulder and neck. She can locate tight muscles and treat

tightened areas accordingly. Her technique is excellent. In addition her enthusiastic attitude

towards her work is very professional. I felt very comfortable being treated by her.”

Insu Kimbley, Oaklands college LRC advisor, Welwyn garden cityd

“I have regular treatments with Sara. Her treatments were tailored in a way to benefit me as I am a flooring specialist I often am in pain with my lower back muscles and my knee joints. I also have a bit of a problem with sleeping and I found post one of Sara’s sessions I have always slept deeply and well, which is a huge benefit to me. My spasmed lower back muscles felt so relieved. I particularly liked her cam and spindle sports massage technique as I am a flooring specialist I regularly lift 500kg a day so I felt the massage was completely needed

and my pain really faded within a few days.  I should also say that what I particularly like

about her is her professionalism - she genuinely cares about where my physical pain is and

this means that rather than just having a massage - you feel you have visited a "practitioner"

who knows what she is doing. I would definitely recommend Sara."

Wesley O’Rourke, Flooring Specialist Hatfield.


“Thanks so much for the neck, shoulder and back massage. It really helped ease the pain I had

in my neck and shoulders from leaning over studying. The sports massage actually worked

and relieved the pain I had been experiencing for weeks! No need for paracetamols anymore,

thanks! Will definitely recommend you!"

Emily Willet, student, Stevenage, Herts

"I particularly enjoyed the myofasical grounding technique as it helped to loosen my hips

and relax my lower back muscles. It really heated up my sacrum and made me feel instantly

sleepy and in a world of my own. The unwinding was also so relaxing and the stretch in my

neck and shoulder was really beneficial. I suffer a stressful job and it really helped to relax

me and let go of all the anxiety and tension in my muscles so I could relax and my frequent

headaches are no way near as frequent as they were. Thanks!"  

Amy Williams, psychologist,London