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Swedish Massage

What is Swedish massage ?

People that have not tired a sports massage before should try a Swedish massage. It is the most common form of massage. Oil / massage lotion or talc – depending on the skin type is applied to the skin and deep flowing strokes are applied to the skin and kneading movements.

The treatment incorporates both light and deep treatments. Sebaceasus

glands are also stimulated to produce sebum – which in turn enhances the quality of the skin and muscle .The massage treatment helps to improve the blood flow to the muscles, improving muscle tone and also improves the condition of the skin. Swedish massage is great for unwinding the mind and body into a deep relaxed and stress free state.

After exercise or a sporting event small amounts of swelling can occur at the muscle because of small tears. Therefore a massage after exercise can help to reduce the swelling and relax the hypertonic (stiff) muscles. This promotes more oxygen to the muscle and helps to maintain flexibility.

Kneading presses the tissues against the bone, stimulating the blood supply to the periosteum (dense layer of vascular connective tissue surrounding the bones) and the bone. This results in delivering nutrition to the bone. Fitness enthusiasts and athletes prefer forms of deep tissue massage as it helps the recovery time and prevents the soreness in the muscles. This will therefore help to enhance the performance of the individual.

Herts massage therapy is also a mobile service in the Hertfordshire area. So after a massage you won’t have to worry about driving whilst being dangerously sleepy or whilst on your journey back home as you will already be at home!