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Pregnancy Massage

Please note massage cannot be carried out in the first 12 weeks (3 months) as this is a

contraindication. Please ensure you have permission from your midwife or GP before you

have your pregnancy massage.

Pregnancy massage can be a huge benefit to the mother and the unborn baby. The massage is specially tailored to effectively support the mother to be emotionally and physiologically helping a woman during a time where the body is undergoing so many changes. Pregnancy massage is performed by a trained specialist and is targeted to the unique needs of mothers to be, supporting you through the transitions of your pregnancy.

There is ample evidence which supports the tremendous benefits of pregnancy massage. It is said to help ease aches and pains and other health problems which are associated with pregnancy. Preparation for an unborn baby is such an exciting and overwhelming time for the mother to be, yet it is also can be a stressful time. Massage can help to lower stress levels due to its calming effect. Research has shown that many pregnant mother’s have benefited enormously from the pregnancy massages as the ‘feel good hormone’ endorphins are released by the mother during massage and passed to the baby.

Many mothers have said that as the massage had increased their ability to relax. It has also helped them relax in the first stage of labour which helped the birth to be shorter and easier with less pain. The level of clothing you choose to wear during your massage is usually minimal. Some clients choose to remove all of their clothing (you will be covered by towels) and some people prefer to remain in their underwear. Whatever you choose to wear or remove is  completely up to you and your comfort level.

All massages are usually an hour in duration though this is flexible. They are given with great care on a massage table with soft cushions in a "side-lying" position with your body fully supported with pillows. The massage therapist then employs a combination of styles and mild stretching to relax and soothe the body, treat and ease tensions. At the end of the session you are left feeling restored, relaxed and comfortable in your new body, ultimately promoting the well-being of yourself and your baby.

Pregnancy massage may have the following benefits:

• Stimulation of circulation (distributing essential nutrients and fluid to all the vital

organs of the body, especially the placenta which feeds and aids the development of

the baby

• Sluggish bowel movement (helping haemorrhoids and constipation.)

• Muscular tension is released – especially in the upper back, shoulders and lower

back. Pregnancy massage has been said to aid the pain of sciatica, prolapsed disc,

which is caused by postural changes and hormones released.

• Releases the compression on the nerves which can be caused by odema or tense


• Inhibits varicose veins from developing

• Massaging the intercostal and pectoral muscles aids the respiratory system which

will help breathing during pregnancy and births.

• Helps ease the pain of back ache and cramps

• Pregnancy massage most importantly helps the mother to be with emotional stress

and anxiety. Inducing a deep relaxation and peaceful sleep.

And lastly pregnancy massage helps to ease so these discomforts, bringing peace and

tranquillity to both mother and baby.