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Accupressure Chair Massage

Accupressure chair massage

Acupressure Chair Massage is a traditional Japanese form of massage.It incorporates the same principles as Chinese Medicine and originated in the East over 5000 years ago to influence Qi circulating in the meridians. The acupressure points are situated on the back, neck, shoulders, arms, hands and head to stimulate the circulation and the nervous system.

How does it work?

Unlike acupuncture, seated acupressure massage does not use needles. Instead, the therapist uses her hands to stimulate the energy points which can be found all along the meridians, or energy lines, of the body. The therapist uses a specific sequence of movements, which are designed to improve the flow of energy throughout the body and balance and strengthen the body’s muscular, circulatory and nervous systems.

What does it involve?

The client, fully dressed, sits facing forward in an ergonomically designed massage chair. As the client relaxes and rests their chin and forehead on a thickly padded platform designed for the purpose, the therapist uses their hands and fingers to apply pressure to the acupressure points on the client’s head, neck, shoulders, upper arms and spine. The sequence of movements leaves the client feeling relaxed, refreshed and energised.

What is it good for?

Seated acupressure massage is excellent for relieving stress and tension and encouraging adhesions (known as muscle knots to some), and tight muscles to loosen up. It helps with backache, repetitive strain injury, asthma, headaches, migraines, toothache, eyestrain, anxiety, irritability, fatigue, sinus problems, menstrual pain, digestive problems, insomnia  and leaves you with a feeling of “alert relaxation,”

What are the benefits?

Many corporations and businesses are now encouraging their staff to take a twenty-minute break to experience the relaxing benefits of on-site massage. Clients report that after seated acupressure they feel energised and refreshed and can concentrate more at work.

What are the side effects and when should it be avoided?

Seated acupressure massage is gentle and non-invasive so it is suitable for everyone. Be sure to tell the therapist if you have any recent fractures or sprains, if you suffer from any long-standing medical condition or have any other contraindication.

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