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About Me

My name is Sara and I have been a fully qualified massage therapist specialising in deep tissue and Swedish massage for years. I am currently studying sports injury management and I also have a degree in sports science – from Hertfordshire University. I am fully qualified in all the treatments I have listed and am insured with FHT.

When I went travelling in several countries to Australia, Malaysia and  South East Asia was when I really started to take an interest in massage and the benefits of pain relief. I was involved in a car crash in Australia where i was the passenger and a lorry hit the back of the car I was in. The lorry was travelling at 80 miles an hour! I sustained severe whiplash so I have to have regular sports massage treatments to ease my pain. After the first month of the  injury, I was relying on using strong painkillers to help me deal with the pain. I had to have so much time off work, where I was working as a fitness consultant at Fitness first and teaching swimming, before I received the treatments from a sports therapist. Then I discovered a very good sports massage therapist who was extremely talented and not only fixed my pain instantly, psychologically he made me feel stronger in order to help me through the emotional pain and the traumatic shock I had experienced. I was suddenly able to move my neck again after all the months I had been in so much pain, I felt so thankful and inspired. From that day on I thought I would love so much to have a job which is that rewarding and satisfying.

When I came back from Australia I worked as a network optimisation coordinator for two years in order to save up to pay for my studies. Then I studied at the British college of osteopathic medicine where I gained a qualification in osteopathic massage after one year.  In this year I studied naturopathy and learnt in depth about naturopathic treatment where I learnt about the benefits of nutritional supplements to emotional health, especially the B vitamins (thiamine, riboflavin, pyridoxine, folic acid, and B12.) I learnt how lack of certain vitamins is often a cause when a person becomes depressed. We studied how certain herbal supplements may also be helpful in relieving the symptoms of depression.  

I learnt the importance of taking time out for relaxation and maintaining a healthy equilibrium in the body so that mental and emotional moods can be balanced. I also learnt how certain changes in one’s lifestyle can reduce the factors that contribute to depression. I also hold the qualification of the prevention and management of sports injuries and rehabilitation. This incorporated continuous assessments and exams, 50 hours of assessed massage, physiology, nutrition, sports injuries, rehabilitation techniques, strapping and taping, emergency first aid and fitness tests.

I have worked for England’s karate team and provided pre- and post event massage, aiding with many injuries of the athletes. I have also worked providing sport massage for the marathon runners at Burgess Hill, West Sussex. I recently worked at Hatfield Sports village massaging the swimmers pre and post event massage.

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